LOVE - it is the purest and most powerfulthe

energy of the universe.

The moment of our birth, which our soul has chosen: a specific day, a specific place, a specific hour, they show with what

potential we come into this world, what we have to do.

This is our signpost for change, but it is only a tool that supports us, not defines us!

From this unique moment of our birth point, we can already calculate access to SOURCE, to LOVE.

Everything is calculable! We have the ability to calculate on our time line access to take advantage of portals and connect to unlimitedenergy of love flowing from the Source. Love is the highest vibration that flows through the heart's magnetic field.

When we strengthen our heart with love it flows to the source and from the source we resonate with the source consciousness.

From there we have access to the divine potential. This access can already be calculated. It is a phenomenon of our existence

that we get step by step, in our evolution, access to knowledge at a given levelwhich we are ready to receive.

Consciousness increases and with it access to further possibilities of raising vibrations. We have direct access, through the

portal, to our love, to the Source, to the divine potential that connects us to the Universe.

We go through various experiences, the difficult ones make us fall into limiting emotionsseparating

from love and thus from each other...

We are looking for a way back, sometimes on the spiral of our life path we get stuck trying to create something

newand we often create on the ashes of suffering, anger, apathy or guilt.

What if there is a way that allows you to look at yourself and what is around us from the level of LOVE?

The vibration of the EARTH is rising, consciousness is increasing, the world is accelerating and we are accelerating.

In this acceleration we have access to amazing possibilities and tools flowing from our energy, from our wisdom

and the moment of birth, which points to those important moments in life,where we can make key changes.


There are moments in your timeline where space opens up for quicker and easier accessto the energy of Love

flowing from the Source of our Being.

These are the moments when we have more energy, better concentration, more distance to ourselves and to others.

They occur naturally, but we don't know exactly when they are.

There is a formula by which, for each individual, it is possible to calculate such access, resulting from

the dateplace and time of birth.At various intervals, a portal opens.

We can picture it as a kind of gateway to the Source of Being.

When we connect with the Source at a given moment, during properly prepared meditation,we saturate our body,

cellular memory with the energy of Love.

Get to know your key PORTALS that allow you to enter the energy of LOVE

You will find inexhaustible



you will

achievein it self



your existence




you will fall

in lovein yours




it is a huge energy that heals

all emotional and health limitations.

Energy of Love - the highest vibration, coming from the purest source of the universe, activates the magnetic POWER of the heart.

Pure, unconditional LOVE is the highest vibration of any feeling energy.

Our heart is a bridge, a portal of connection to the source. Through the heart radiates tremendous energy inside and outside of us.

The heart emits about 5,000 times stronger magnetic field and about 60 times stronger electric field than the brain.

This means that the information that flows from us towards the entire Universe mainly comes from our heart.

When we strengthen our heart with Love, energy flows to and from SOURCE.

The more we amplify the energy of Love, the more we resonate with the source consciousness.

Love is the frequency that opens and enhances communication with Source, and Source is Love.

So Love tunes you into Source Consciousness. And from there we have access to our divine potential.

We come into oneness with everything, everyone, the entire Universe in full PRESENCE.

Our presence gives access to a multidimensional energy field.


Gamma brain waves are a frequency of 36-44 Hz. They enable cognitive and perceptual processing, synchronizing the parts of the brain responsible for remembering, thinking and motor functions.

Thanks to these highest frequencies produced by gamma, the mind functions extremely efficiently.

When our gamma brain waves are in high activity, we can effectively solve complex tasks. The perception of individual senses is then greatly enhanced. In the state of gamma brainwaves, we have an enhanced feeling of empathy and love. This brainwave frequency is often called superconsciousness.

Gamma accompany those activities in our brain that are related to activities performed with passion.

According to Chris Walton, author of the book "Gamma Healing", we can achieve the frequency of these waves through specific techniques, including feeling a state in which we feel peaceful, happy and full of love.

We connect this state with the breath, and this has an impact on achieving harmony in our heart.

Thus, using the access to the PORTAL, we easily fill ourselves with the
healing energy of LOVE, through the heart, filling our cellular memory. This allows us to
activate gamma brain waves.

The electromagnetic field of the HEART


The human heart pumps oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body.

It transfuses about 350 liters of blood per hour. It strikes more than 3.5 billion times in our lifetime.

The HeartMath Institute in California conducts a number of studies on this unique organ.

According to Rollin McCraty, "The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated center for processing and encoding information, allowing it to learn, remember, and make autonomous, independent functional decisions. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body."

The heart has a network of neurons through which it transmits signals to the brain, which triggers chemistry flowing into the body and electromagnetic fields in the body.

Thus, by "saturation" of our cells, molecules and atoms of the body with the energy of love flowing from the Source, we can change our emotional patterns, patterns of behavior or reactions through the heart. Thanks to this, we have greater harmony, peace, mental acuity and even physical fitness.

Thanks to the unique calculations based on your birth point,

you can enter your PORTALS and activate Love in yourself!

In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of a famous genius, donated 1,400 letters written by Albert Einstein to the Hebrew University

with the stipulation not to publish their contents until 20 years after his death. Below is one of them, written to Lieserl Einstein.…

"When I introduced the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I am about to reveal to humanity will also be misunderstood

and prejudiced in the world. I am asking you to guard these letters as long as necessary, for years, decades, until society is developed

enough to accept what I am explaining below. There is an extremely powerful force for which, so far, science has not found an official explanation.

This force contains and influences all others, is above all phenomena operating in the universe and has not yet been recognized by us.

This universal force is LOVE.

Scientists, looking for a unified theory of the universe, have forgotten about the most powerful, invisible force.

Love is the Light that illuminates those who give and receive it.

Love is gravity because it makes people feel drawn to others.

Love is power because it multiplies the best in us and does not let humanity perish in its blind selfishness.

Love develops and reveals. We live and die for love. Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life.

This is a factor that we have ignored for too long, perhaps because we are afraid of love, because it is the only energy

in the universe that is not subject to human will.

To make love visible, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.

If, instead of E=mc2, we assume that the energy needed to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the square of the speed of

light, we conclude that love is the most powerful force there is because it has no limits."

This is a long video that explains how the method works, recorded during LIVE

Creators of LOOPortals

Hypnotherapist, Coach, Trainer,

Soul Body Fusion®️ Teacher

Małgorzata Leszczyńska

Małgorzata is a hypnotherapist with over 8 years of experience. She conducts an intensive practice of working with the subconscious in a holistic approach. In his work of connecting soul, body and mind. She is guided mainly by intuition with which he is in constant contact.

It was intuition, divine guidance, that led her to where she is now.

Over the years, working intensively and supporting others, she reached new methods of therapy, improving them, creating original programs in which she combined hypnotherapy, the technique of releasing Hawkins in working with the body and knowledge in the field of total biology in order to reach the source of blockages, inhibitions and traumas.

Dhe works by experiencing, practicing the acquired knowledge and checking the effects, so that she can then share it. She believes that the world is a place where everything is connected, we are unity, wholeness, perfection. In openness to how the road leads her, she reaches the absolute, greatest energy which is Love, which connects us with the Source.

She loves working with people, supporting their development and creating successful relationships so that, above all, she focuses on building a deep and authentic relationship with herself. By strengthening the love within ourselves, we can share the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Adam Bańkowski

Adam is a trainer and coach with over 14 years of experience. He created an original program combining knowledge in the field of biomedicine and naturotherapy in order to reach the causes of diseases and ailments. More than 180,000 people have benefited from the methods of measurement and reduction of body burdens created by him in recent years.

He has also trained over 100 professional specialists in this field.He is passionate about simplifying seemingly complex issues and problems, creating methods that are easy to understand and implement in everyday life, which are above all effective.

He has been interested in astrology since childhood. This huge passion, which he conveys in a non-standard way, allowed him to reach the calculations of unique portals connecting us with Love, and through the energy of Love with the Source.

He always believed that the moment of our birth is a great potential for our development. Listening to his inner, divine guidance, he serves his knowledge, shares it so that everyone can have access to the easiest and fastest method that gives the possibility of change in our lives to derive joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Biomedicine Specialist, Coach, Trainer,

Soul Body Fusion®️ Practitioner

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Czeka Cię piękne doświadczanie siebie

w Miłości,

aby osiągnąć spokój ducha,

równowagę i harmonię w cieszeniu się życiem


Małgosia i Adam

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